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Wine, Beer, and Spirits>What's your favorite drink while smoking?
GerryM 07:11 PM 09-16-2015
Excuse me if this has been discussed before but I'm a newbie here.

While puffing on your favorite smoke, what's your favorite drink? Mine is Bourbon, particularly Booker's. It has a richness and flavor that compliments a cigar like nothing else I've tried. Given what I've said, I can understand there may be some scotch's that might also pair well. I can imagine some various rums may also be a good may be a good match.

I've heard others refer to various red wines but, while I love red wine, the two just don't match up very well for my taste. I like my smokes more full bodied and I would like to enjoy the flavors of both the drink and the smoke without one dominating the other.
Remo 08:05 PM 09-16-2015
I usually smoke dark Maduro's and I love a Guiness with them.
badbriar 10:20 PM 09-16-2015
Nice strong coffee. :-)
Porch Dweller 07:27 AM 09-17-2015
I like a variety of beverages, but if I had to pick a favorite I'd probably say Bourbon with maduros and Scotch with non-maduros.
The Poet 08:24 AM 09-17-2015
Mother's milk, from the tap.
RJrocker 02:15 PM 09-24-2015
I mainly pair it up with water. I know, boring! But I only want to taste the cigar. I find whiskey and such can over power the cigar nuances.