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Flynnster 12:37 PM 12-05-2013
Hey everyone,
Trying to get everything all ready to load my new humidor but I'm running into some problems with my hydrometer. I placed it in a bag with moist salt for 12 hours, it was reading 82% so I adjusted it down to 75% and went to bed. Wake up this morning and it was reading 70% so I adjusted it up. Is 12 hours not enough for the humidity in the bag to stabilize?

Here's the one I'm using.
markem 12:38 PM 12-05-2013
I prefer to let my hygrometers sit for 24 hours before making adjustments.
bobarian 12:40 PM 12-05-2013
Flynnster 12:53 PM 12-05-2013
Great, thanks guys. Instructions said 12 and I've seen numbers from 3-8 hours online.
CigarNut 01:09 PM 12-05-2013
You may already know this, but after adjusting the HygroSet hygrometers you need to push the little black button in the lower left side of the face.