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tedrodgerscpa 10:46 AM 11-17-2008
As the weather is turning, many of us in the northern hemisphere are looking for a shot of warmth as we brave the outside world in search of smoking nirvana.

Ladies and gentlemen, with no affiliation or stock option purchase rights, I'd like to post a brief review of a fantastic heater, The Mr. Heater Big Buddy!

And the product under review can be found here

At 18,000 BTU and two fuel options (disposable 1# LP tanks or a larger tank with hose and adapter), this is a fantastic heater.

I picked mine up from Northern Tool on sale for $99... the adapter hoses and power adapter (which powers the blower on the unit) will cost you extra. The blower will run on 4 D cell batteries to make it completely portable.

The power adapter cost me $14.99... I passed on the $49.99 Large Tank hose and adapter.

When used with the disposable (prefilled) LP tanks, it can safely be run indoors, although I havent' tried it yet. By the time I recoup the cost of the adapter hose for a larger LP tank, I would have been through 24 disposable cans. I'll spend this winter season on the smaller tanks, which will safely keep me warm for 4-5 cigars each.

Here's a picture of it running on my screened in porch (it's on the low setting, so only one ceramic plate is lit)


I had a 'tank top' version from Mr Heater, which is a radiant style heater that I've seen several other BOTLs use. The Big Buddy is even quieter than the tank topper! While it's not silent, the fan and ceramic plates just dont' make a lot of noise.


Pros: Can be used indoors, heats up to 400 sq ft very efficiently, portable for hunting & RVs

Cons: Price is a bit high, and accessories will cost you even more!


This heater gets three smiling smokies :-):-):-) (out of four) - The price keeps it from getting four smiling smokes!
BlackDog 12:08 PM 11-17-2008
Whadda talkin' about? South Carolina is warm all year around. Geez, buncha girls.

Just kidding. I use a Mr. Buddy Jr. in my ice fishing shack and it is very dependable. Takes plenty of bumps and bruises with no ill effects. Like Ted says, they're a little more expensive, but are a good product.
Stogeyfish 03:13 PM 11-17-2008
Nice! I've got the smaller unit and it works great!:-)
dunng 04:33 PM 11-17-2008
Very nice! I've been thinking one of those would be perfect for my shed... :-)
awsmith4 06:05 PM 11-17-2008
I like the idea of a blower as opposed to only radiant heat, I will be checking further into this one. Great review Ted!