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JoeSava 10:40 AM 05-31-2013
I have this idea ... I want to take about a 5 foot square area and build a small walk-in with a wine rack on the left and a cigar humidor on the right. I want it visible from outside of the room and have cool lighting. I have the rough concept, but am looking for someone that may have seen such a thing. So, a wine cellar/walk-in humidor combination.

Anyone seen or heard of this?
mkarnold1 11:31 AM 05-31-2013
Here's a couple links for you

Good thread with pics of finished product. Only humi, no wine cellar.
Old thread, pics are gone. Lots of good information in this one.
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JoeSava 11:49 AM 05-31-2013
Man, wish the photos were still there. When the time comes to sell my house, I want the room to appeal to the husband AND wife. A walk in humidor only will probably not appeal to most women. The side with the humidor would need additional glass doors, I'm thinking.

Thanks for the links!
mkarnold1 12:00 PM 05-31-2013
Here's another:
Also only humidor, but great pics on the build process with Q&A throughout.