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Accessory Discussion / Reviews>vino cooling died - i think?
goalie204 05:57 AM 08-14-2009
have the vino (avanti brand) set for it's max 64F - been fine keepin it there for 6 months, last night noticed it was at about 77F. I guess the cooling thingy died? I go on a lot of trips for work and i'm not here for 1-2 weeks at a time quite often, so i can't babysit my cigars, so i like having the temp staying at 64F, which in turn seems to keep the RH lower too, which i like. Is it easy to fix the cooling deal?
shilala 06:47 AM 08-14-2009
Hi Myles,
Here's the link I pm'd you about.
It should help. :-)