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Accessory Discussion / Reviews>lauderdale humidor
jerseystepup 10:28 PM 07-17-2009
just wondering if anyone here has this humi... i cant find pics of the inside of it and im wondering what kind of storage it has.. thanks
TXRebel 10:34 PM 07-17-2009
This one?
jerseystepup 05:06 AM 07-18-2009
ahh yes! the drawer on top pulls out for singles i guess?
Barteur 06:13 AM 07-18-2009
Hi Randy,

Here is a picture of one BOTL that has one

I did similar research couple of months ago and ended up buying a Montegue.

The lauderdale is very nice but not big, I don`t know what size you are looking for but take a good look at the inside dimensions and if it meets your requirements go for it, they are usually at a very good price. Here`s the link of what I posted check out the comments of the other BOTL I received, maybe it will help you.

Good luck with your shopping