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Wolfgang 11:41 PM 10-14-2008
I came apon this when i found myself toasting my fingers instead of lighting my pipe.

step one- get your regular zippo.
step two- remove the insert and clamp to a table or drill press stand

step three- Use a 1/4 inch drill bit to drill a small hole in the flame guard. (go very slow)

step four- Use increasingly larger bits intill you get to the size hole you would like. You can drill both sides if you want but i only did one side as i am right handed and light my pipe that way. Also If you drill borth sides it may not be symetrical or have the wind resistance zippos are known for. (today i lit up in 10+ MPH winds no prob)

step five- re assemble the zippo and light the lighter... wait a few secconds to let chemicals dissapate the hold the lighter perpendicular to the bowl of your pipe. While you are puffing the flame will take a right angle and go straight into your bowl.Image