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markem 10:01 PM 10-14-2008
[you had to know that this thread was coming]

Now that it is cooler here in Oregon, I don't keep my vinos plugged in. I have 1lb of 65% beads at the bottom of each vino and 1/2 lb of 65% beads about 3/4 the way to the top. I have Oust fans in each that are set on their backs to draw air up from the lower and push it to the higher areas.

My guage tells me that it is 65% near the top, but 71% at the bottom. This seems like way too small an area to have that big of a swing.

The drain is plugged in each.

Any ideas? No water or other condensate in the vinos outside of the beads. The beads are about 70% white and 30% clear.
cort 10:34 PM 10-14-2008
Well I believe that those oust fans do not circulate the air enough to keep the humidity even throughout. The fan in my Vino runs 24/7 so I keep it plugged in even when it starts cooling down. The fan that I am refering to is not the actual cooling unit but for some reason a fan continues to run all the time. When the cooling unit kicks on it gets a little louder. I would recommend keeping them plugged in or adding a computer fan inside your vino which will get the air circulating much better than those oust fans.:-)