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Accessory Discussion / Reviews>Tube of oil(?) in my humi
Langod 02:33 PM 10-23-2008
I was just gifted a nice used humi by a friend.
It has a small glass vial of oil included in a little wooden case. My friend said he thought it was to help stabilize temperature -- but I find it awfully small to have enough thermal reserve to maintain temperature in a decent size desktop humidor.
Is that what it's really for? Or something else?
You can see it in the picture below in the center above the lighter and cutter and below the big Gurkha cigar. It's in a wooden case labeled "humidor"
I can take a better picture of it tonight if you need more detail.

Zipper 02:42 PM 10-23-2008
Maybe for the hinges? I have no idea, that's just a guess.
Martin 02:54 PM 10-23-2008

Thats a collector's item
Mugen910 03:17 PM 10-23-2008
Gonna need more pics! :-)
NCRadioMan 03:35 PM 10-23-2008
Is it oil or pg. PG feels like and oily substance to me.
Bear 04:17 PM 10-23-2008
Martin has it right. That's a "humidifier" that you will oftentimes find in a glass top Cohibo box.
They claim it's for humidification, but it doesn't even do that. So not only do you get bogus Cohibas, but they dry out as a glass top "Cohiba dress box" doesn't keep humidity and this wooden bar doesn't do anything either.
dunng 04:22 PM 10-23-2008
Yep, I've seen it in a fake box... Here's an example from a friend of a friend. :-)

Langod 08:29 PM 10-23-2008
A fake humidifier? weird....

So it's really just a conversation piece, and probably came in a box of fake cubans?