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Accessory Discussion / Reviews>Humidor and Coolidor Too Hot?
Raralith 08:52 PM 10-15-2008
My hygrometer is saying that I'm well above 70, and on it's high memory function, it's show in the 80's. I just purchased a coolidor (will post pictures later), and this thing is well over 70 for sure inside. I live in Southern Caliofornia but right now, the weather is not that hot. Does anyone know how to solve or at least alleviate this problem?
Da Klugs 09:02 PM 10-15-2008
Get the hell out of CA? :-)

AC is your friend. Downstairs if you have one is usually the coolest part of your home. If nothing else put the cooler in front of the duct blowing out the cool air.

Consistent temperature over 72-4 degrees allows beetle hatching. The thing is all major manufacturers say they freeze the cigars. If these are current production cigars you probably will be ok. The paranoid here might opine differently.

Older Cuban cigars (pre 03) were not or at least not consistently frozen. Much bigger concern there.
AD720 09:04 PM 10-15-2008
Do people in S. Cal have basements? My coolers live in the basement and never got over 70 all summer.
Raralith 11:31 AM 10-16-2008
I live an apartment witht he wife so there's not a whole lot of places I can put it. Maybe in the dinning room and leave the fan on?

As for basements in Southern California, excluding down stairs parking, I've only known of 5 or so houses out of 500 that have a basement; it is very uncommon.

Anyone from Southern California have this problem and can tell me what they do?
funnymantrip 12:54 PM 10-16-2008
I'm not in California, but Florida and definately the summer months it's quite hot. Since I can't afford to keep my house at 70 for the entire summer, f the most part my humi is in the upper 70s sometimes into the 80s.

I have not hand any sort of beetle infestation, nor have realized any ill effects from my cigars. Even the BM's really can't keep the entire place in the low 70s for the summers.

I do keep my humidity 65-67% btw.
Dgar 05:58 PM 10-16-2008
On days when the sun is just blazing and the AC just dosent cut it during that hottest part of the day, I have taken freeze packs wrapped in a towel or plastic bag and stuck them in the cooler for a few hours.

I only have to deal with this a few days a year, if its something you have to constantly battle, a Vinotemp might work out well.
shaggy 06:02 PM 10-16-2008
we get pretty warm here in the summer but i keep mine in the basement where it is a bit cooler and i got a wine cooler just to be one of the cool guys....
ucubed 09:35 PM 10-16-2008
I froze all my cigars because I was paranoid about beetles...I live in Florida and my temp in my cooler and humi are mid to high 70's and I haven't had 1 beetle in the stogies I haven't froze yet...