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stearns 07:38 AM 10-12-2018
At a herf last weekend Doug (Colimo) tipped me off about this event happening in Denver last night and tonight, I couldn't get in with his group tonight but Sarah and I got in last night (completely free just need to RSVP online), and it was a really good time. This was part of a 9 city tour put on by Macallan, an "interactive experience" surrounding scotch and their brand.

Without going into too much detail and ruining any surprises, you have a guide take you through four different rooms, each with one or more Macallan's to taste and pair with some sort of food component. The rooms are set up to emulate different parts of the process of making and drinking their scotch. It was really well put on, we had a blast and got to try some stuff that I would never pay for myself. Sarah even found one that she really liked, and she has always been strictly a no whiskey drinker (not cheap but not the most expensive from the evening)

The tour is already halfway over, but if you live near any of the stops coming up and like scotch or whiskey in general I highly recommend. Thanks for the tip Doug!


October 17, October 18

International Museum of Surgical Science

Washington, D.C.

October 23, October 24

Arts Club of Washington


October 30, October 31

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center

Los Angeles

November 6, November 8

Greystone Mansion

colimo 10:24 AM 10-12-2018
glad to hear you went and enjoyed, Ben....can't wait to go have wetted my appetitie....

only thing better would be a cigar lounge to pair with the Whisky
physiognomy 01:56 PM 10-12-2018
Fancy! I really enjoyed the last Macalllan event I went to, but it confirmed I have pedestrian tastes (which I’m more than ok with). Sounds like they have changed up the format. Enjoy tonight, Doug!
sepp 06:18 AM 10-13-2018
The old format was fetting a bit stale. Sounds like they have found a way to spice up the event again. Glad you enjoyed.
colimo 10:20 PM 10-13-2018
had a great time last night...interesting to taste some great whiskys....loved that lounge at the end....good drinks, food and music..