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Wine, Beer, and Spirits>What is your favorite alcohol to drink with a cigar?
WhiteMamba 08:29 PM 01-16-2016
Since getting into scotch this past year it just seems right to have scotch and a cigar. What is everyone else preference?
The Poet 08:40 PM 01-16-2016
Ethanol. That methanol crap will kill ya.
CigarNut 09:18 PM 01-16-2016
I don't have a single favorite -- I like wine, beer, scotch, bourbon, gin, tequila, etc.

It just depends upon what strikes me at the time. I tend to drink more tequila and scotch than the others though.
icehog3 01:17 AM 01-17-2016
Usually rum or tequila, the heavy beers I like tend to overpower a Cuban cigar. Sometimes I like something with a bit of sweetness to it, like a Port or Patron XO.
Porch Dweller 06:19 AM 01-17-2016
In order:
Scotch that's not too heavily peated; I don't need smoke overpowering my smoke. :-)
Rum (on the rocks almost always, occasionally in a rum punch when the temperatures get really high)
Beer, usually stout or porter.
nutcracker 07:20 AM 01-17-2016
Cognac or scotch with big cigars
(Unlike James I Prefer Islay scotches with tobacco.)

Port, Madeira, PX sherry or Banyuls if after a meal - with a nice Cuban petit corona

Beer if watching football.
Stick 09:04 AM 01-17-2016
I generally prefer something with a little sweetness. Port, sherry or ice wine all fit the bill nicely. Some brown liquors, like a sweeter bourbon, scotch or rum. Beer can be great but I'm not usually a fan of bitter with my cigars so I lean towards things like Belgian quads or bourbon barrel stouts. I love hops, just not so much when I'm smoking a cigar.
mosesbotbol 09:10 AM 01-17-2016
Madeira, Champagne, or crisp beers like Peroni.
Greentud 04:59 AM 01-18-2016
Brandy or bourbon.
dijit 06:00 AM 01-18-2016
Before my issues the last two years it would have been rum and coke, cognac, iced tea, beer.

Now my tastes have changed and some other issues that done help so Coke and soft drinks are out. Black or dark non spiced rum, cognac, iced tea, porter or dark beer, water.
darkleeroy 02:12 PM 01-18-2016
I actually like coffee more so than anything else with a cigar. Iced if it's hot.

If it's a liquor I usually tend to sway towards the sweet side. For instance, Angel's Envy for Bourbon; Balvenie Caribbean Cask for Scotch; Zacapa for Rum.

Back in the day I used to just drink cola because the Nic hit would knock me.
dmiller662 11:31 PM 02-01-2016
like a little Knob Creek Reserve over ice....
Gabe215 03:16 PM 02-07-2016
I'll agree with Josh ( darkleeroy) I've never had a bad experience pairing ANY cigar with a good cup of coffee.

As for booze, I'll agree with most everyone's suggestion, something sweet. I prefer Port and Rainwater Madiera wine with a cigar! As far as Port is concerned Ruby/Ruby Reserve/LBV/ect with a stronger cigar (unless that's all I have), Tawney and Madieras for the not so bold nuanced cigars. My 2
jrw 05:10 PM 02-07-2016
Cognac or scotch.
Skywalker 12:24 PM 02-08-2016
GrouchoM 12:09 AM 04-23-2016
Vodka, any triple distilled or more 80 proof vodka.
YankeeMan 05:15 AM 04-23-2016
Irish Mist.
Jube Innovations 02:03 PM 04-28-2016
Dewars and soda
Ncpsycho 06:27 PM 04-28-2016
Deff Oban scotch