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Jokes>Yes, it's a Monday Morning Groaner... You're welcome!
Steve 09:20 AM 10-28-2019
Noah opens up the ark and let all the animals out, telling them to "Go forth and multiply!"

He's closing the great doors of the ark when he notices that there are two snakes sitting in a dark corner.

So he says to them, "Didn't you hear me? You can go now. Go forth and multiply."

"We can't," said the snakes. "We're adders."
kydsid 06:55 PM 10-28-2019
That makes Dad jokes look funny
icehog3 07:35 PM 10-28-2019
Dave128 09:16 PM 10-28-2019
Good grief.
Tio Gato 05:38 AM 10-29-2019