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Jokes>Now what???
Steve 12:07 PM 04-30-2019
One day while driving through a neighborhood near his church, Pastor John saw a little boy on a front porch, struggling trying to reach the doorbell.

Feeling like he needed to help the young fellow, he stopped his car and got out to help. He pressed the doorbell for him and said, in a teaching way, "Now what do we do?"
Porch Dweller 12:14 PM 04-30-2019
The little boy said "Hold this bag of dog dookie while I light it on fire.". The pastor said...
nutcracker 03:02 PM 04-30-2019
.....that prank works better with your own dookie.....
The little boy said.....
Tio Gato 04:08 PM 04-30-2019
Dookie!:-):-):-):-) Well done guys.:-)
icehog3 06:08 PM 04-30-2019
A pastor would say. "we say thank you".

If it was a priest, this thing can take a whole nother direction. :-)