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Accessory Discussion / Reviews>Pipe Tobacco & Humidor Question???
Neuromancer 02:54 PM 10-30-2008
Okay...I have CRS Syndrome and did one of those Image things...I had a small humi (20-30 count) that I wasn't using because I have three much larger humi's so I put it up on top of my armoire to get it out of the way...then I bought about a dozen pipe tobacco samples from C&D (1 oz. samples) that came in plastic ziplocs...because I had no room to store the ziplocs I pulled down the humi and threw them in there figuring I'd taste them all in the next few days and figure what I wanted to store in a better place and which I didn't like, and pass those I didn't like on to someone else to try...I knew the humi wasn't a good place to store the stuff but I figured a few days wouldn't make a difference...and then I forgot about the humi with the samples because I'd put it back on top of my armoire and it sorta got lost amongst all the empty cedar cigar boxes...for 2 years...then I just happened to notice it the other day and pulled it down and discovered I still had 4 ziplocs worth of samples in it that I never tried and pulled them out to rehydrate them, BUT, the humidor now smelled like a blend of pipe tobaccos...arggghhhh...any ideas from any of you cigar or pipe experts on how to get the pipe tobacco smell out of the humidor so it can again be used for cigars, or just pitch it and chalk it up as a loss? Damn CRS...
webjunkie 09:45 PM 10-30-2008
Maybe do a wipe down with distilled water and then leave for a while with a box of baking soda? :-) I dunno, maybe it'd just be better to write it off and get a cooler.
groogs 10:58 PM 10-31-2008
I don't know about a Humi, but I had a cooler that I kept my Pipe Tobacco in, and I tried to clean it out and get rid of the smell and I never could. I scrubbed it out and left it out in the sun light open for more than a week and the smell never went away. I hope the humi doesn't hold smells like a Cooler.
parafumar 05:13 PM 11-02-2008
my friend, I fear you have a losing battle on your hands...
AD720 05:20 PM 11-02-2008
Unless it is a really, really nice 20 count with sentimental value I'd say just replace it. They are so cheap and a lot times are literally being given away by vendors.