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Don Fernando 08:24 PM 11-22-2019
Three size Revolution sampler. When you ask people in what countries cigars are produced, the answer will be Cuba in most of the cases. More informed people will mention the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Then Honduras is the fourth country on the list. And maybe Costa Rica. But Mexico will be an answer not a lot of people will give.

But there is a lot of tobacco grown in Mexico. And A. Turrent has a large factory in the North American country.

It is that factory where the Revolution cigars come from. These are handmade premium cigars. The blend consists of Nicaraguan and Mexican fillers. The binder and wrapper are Mexican too. We thought that this sampler could give us a good idea on how the size changes the blend and the final score for a cigar. So we smoked all three of them for one long review.

Name: Revolution
Country: Mexico
Factory: Nueva Matacapan de Tobacos
Size: 4ľx52, 5ľx56, 6ľx54
Vitola: Short Robusto, Robusto, Toro
Wrapper: Mexico (San Andres Habano)
Binder: Mexico (San Andres Corojo)
Filler: Mexico, Nicaragua
Price: Ä 22,50 for the sampler
Cutter: Xikar X2
Lighter: single flame
Smoke conditions: indoors with ventilator
Smoke time: one hour thirty minutes, two hours, one hour fifty minutes
Purchased at Van Dalen Cigars

The wrapper is rough on all three cigars. Rough, full of veins, ugly, dark and intimidating. And because it is a Mexican cigar, the link between this cigar and Danny Trejo is not far fetched. Both rough looking Mexicans, full of scars. But Danny Trejo is cool, and thatís not what you can say about the simple ring on this cigar. The Short Robusto has a mild wooden aroma. The Robusto and the Toro have a strong aroma. Wood and barnyard. The construction on all cigars from the three size Revolution sampler is good.


The cold draw is loose. Itís quite tasteless except for some salt. After lighting, dried soil with some coffee and cacao are the flavors that this cigar produces. The flavors are covered in a powdered sugar flavor. Thereís also some citrus acidity. And then the flavor takes a turn for the worst. It is hard to describe the combination. Sweetness is there but with dried leather. After a third a wooden flavor, dark wood shows up. With a hint of cocoa. Halfway the cigar turns to wet cardboard with some cocoa powder. Some pepper shows up too, and itís slowly growing. The pepper grows until the end.


The cold draw is good, with a slightly metallic flavor and some cinnamon. From the start, there is a floral, earthy flavor but flowers are gone bad. Thereís some sour cinnamon as well, and it burns on the tip of my tongue. Sugar is tasted at the back of my throat. Then the flavors change to cinnamon and pine. Thereís some red pepper in the flavor as well. The second third starts with that cinnamon again, pepper, vanilla, and leather. The flavors are slightly harsh, unrefined. Halfway the flavor changes to salty licorice with some sourness. Still unrefined though. Slowly the cigar is getting harsh again. The flavors are now earthy, leathery and dark wood. The final third starts very peppery. And the pepper grows a lot in strength, itís bold, unrefined, strong and it bites my lips. On the background there is still that cinnamon sweetness


The cold draw is great. With some wood, some pepper, and tobacco. Once lit the flavors are wood with cinnamon and leather. The cinnamon is quite nice, but thereís an overall flavor that makes that the cinnamon doesnít shine. A little stale harshness. After a centimeter leather, sweetness and a little salt accompany the cinnamon. The sweetness has some vanilla notes in it. There are also some grass and a hint of chocolate flavors. The salt gets a little stronger. The final third starts with a nice, sweet, coffee flavor with some green herbs and pepper. The cinnamon returns with earthy flavors and wood.


The draw on the Short Robusto was loose. On the Robusto and Toro, the draw was good. The burn had to be corrected on the two smaller sizes. On all three cigars, the smoke was good. The ash was firm on all three cigars from the three size Revolution sampler. Yet on the Toro, the color was lighter than on the others.

Strength: medium
Flavor: medium-full

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