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Accessory Discussion / Reviews>ISO iPhone barcode app for Stogie inventory
hwgoesit 04:52 PM 05-31-2018
Iím looking for an inventory app for my stogies. Has anyone found a good one for the iPhone?
Ideally it would:
1) manage inventory by barcode, using the iPhone camera. It should accept A box barcode if there is one, or a self printed one I can apply to pre-bar code boxes
2) can attach pictures to inventory
3) simple inventory control. if I scan a box for a cigar I want to smoke, the app should decrement the quantity by one easily
4) excel or .cvs import and export capability
5) Fields for data, like box code, price paid, source, size, tasting notes, etc
6) inventory location field

Iím checking out Kiwi objects ďstock controlĒ app, this might do the trick.
Iím wondering if anyone is using something described here.