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Accessory Discussion / Reviews>40 count traveldor on Cigarpage for $25
Remo 08:50 AM 01-06-2018
cigarpage has a 40 count traveldor for $25 on their daily deal. Not sure of the brand but for $25 Id figure Id pass it along. No affiliation with the site but have had smooth dealings with them.
T.G 10:52 AM 01-06-2018
Years back, I bought bunch of those 40-count cases for the troops. The seals were good and the quality was surprising for a "$70" mid-level case that routinely sells for $40-50. For $25 and shipping is included, it's a good deal. The only detractor I can recall was that the foam trays weren't really designed for cigars, they are just generic slotted foam that is kind of tall and doesn't really hold large ring gauge cigars well. Depending on what cigars you put in there, you might have to take one tray out also.