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MNSmoker 04:57 PM 06-25-2014
Anyone have recommendations for sours? The couple of sours that I've tried I absolutely love, and I was hoping for some recommendations on ones that I should pick up.
elderboy02 05:05 AM 06-26-2014
Sour in the Rye by The Bruery
Rivertown Lambic
kugie 05:30 AM 06-26-2014
Love Child by Boulevard

Expensive $19-$21 a bottle but really good and I very rarely drink sours
stearns 06:06 AM 06-26-2014
I'll add in tart of darkness by the bruery, had good luck with that one in the past.


In general I don't drink a lot of sours, but they are great for switching things up :-)
Buckeye Jack 06:11 AM 06-26-2014
Any Bruery Sour
Any Russian River Sours
Any Rivertown Sour
Any Upland Sours (though I think you need to be in the club to get them)
The Lindemans Lambics are all great, I especially love the Kriek

....none of them make a bad one IMHO
hova45 07:18 AM 06-26-2014
cascade kriek and cascade apricot
baust55 11:43 AM 06-26-2014
I am not a big fan of sour beers .

but traveling in the Andes mountains . The locals have a home brew called ChiCha

It is made with Malted giant corn .

If your traveling down a road and see a pole with a red plastic bag tied to it in front of an Adobe farm house that means the lady of the hose has fresh ChiCha for sale they also have little taverns that have walled gardens called ChiCharias .

Chicha is a sour beer . Served in a giant glass for $.50 cents to $.75 cents.

it comes plane , a pale cloudy yellow or with strawberry puree added . both tasty .

mk05 12:36 PM 06-26-2014
thelostgringo loves sour beers and knows a lot about them
BeerAdvocate 06:53 PM 06-26-2014
new belgium le terroir is my favorite
bkv04fsu 02:20 PM 08-11-2015
Westbrook Gose, excellent beer.
Stick 04:57 PM 08-11-2015
I'm partial to Cantillon, particularly their kreik. Their beers can be hard to come by in bottle shops here but can often be purchased from overseas vendors for pretty much the same price shipped as they are locally, at least for me.
joatmon 08:43 PM 08-11-2015
La Folie from New Belgium. Brazzle and Friek both from Odell's. Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangsta from Trinity. Those are my favs, Gangsta is especially sour.