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Accessory Discussion / Reviews>This smokeless ashtray sucks all right
TanithT 09:55 PM 07-11-2009
The smokeless "cigar" ashtray from doesn't actually accommodate cigars. On the picture it looks like the item is of sufficient size to do so, but they lie. In the past I've been happy with what I've bought there, but this is just plain deceptive advertising. This product sucks all right, and I don't mean just smoke.

An attempt to place a toro on the ashtray results in disaster. The holes visible on the top of the unit don't go anywhere. They are nowhere near deep enough to accommodate more than an inch of cigar, making the balance annoyingly difficult. Only one of the four rests can even begin to accommodate anything larger than a cigarette, and none of them can handle anything longer than that.

It does suck in the smoke while the cigar is precariously jammed inside, but there is also nowhere for the cigar ash to go, creating a huge mess.

Not happy. Not happy at all. They should be bloody well ashamed of themselves for claiming that this product is for cigars. It's clearly not. Waste of time and money, and I doubt they'll refund a product that already has cigar ash all over it.
ucla695 10:22 PM 07-11-2009
Sorry to hear about your experience, but thanks for the heads up!
alley00p 10:54 PM 07-11-2009
From the ad:

Holds Cigars & Cigarettes
Made of Fireproof Melamine
On/Off Switch
Quickly Reduces Smoke
Large Easy to Clean Bowl
Lifetime Warranty
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

That last line says it all to me, Tanith! :-)

TanithT 12:27 AM 07-12-2009
Yeah, I made sure they knew about my opinion and the more detailed review I posted on my blog at and they said they'd take it back immediately.

They thought my review was harsh. Well, I'm sorry, but that product was a pretty harsh experience. I don't like "cigar" ashtrays that don't actually fit a cigar and do leave a damaged cigar flaking ashes all over the place.