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irratebass 06:53 AM 10-22-2015
22 veterans commit suicide every day; Buddy Check 22 was started to make a difference in the lives of veterans. October 22 is Buddy Check 22 Day. take a moment and reach out to any veteran you may know and check in. All of our veterans need support and a phone call or a hand shake can make a huge difference. This program/day was designed to hopefully get the number down. Maybe with a little help from all of us next year this day it will be called Buddy Check 21.

So to ALL of our Veterans, I say THANK YOU & I hope you are doing well
dijit 07:14 AM 10-22-2015
Hell yeah! Thank you for the check and thanks to the rest of my brothers in arms.
icehog3 09:17 AM 10-22-2015
A huge and respectful Thank You to all our Veterans, I will be checking in today.