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ATobin 06:23 AM 02-19-2013
Anyone in the area? I get to travel around a bit and usually have a cigar or two on hand when on the move.
J Higgi 01:50 PM 03-15-2013
im in RC east, JBAD, you?
imthegoal 03:21 AM 03-16-2013
I am on BAF.
cjhalbrooks 08:21 AM 03-16-2013
joyce hanging like a fool
cjhalbrooks 08:25 AM 03-16-2013
If you come by here let me know and we can smoke
ATobin 01:02 AM 04-15-2013
I'm in Ghazni. I get up to BAF about every month or so for a few days. How's everyone's war going?
GunDoctor431 04:22 AM 05-23-2013
We have a nice smoke pit here at Salerno.
imthegoal 04:21 AM 05-26-2013
We have a nice patio on the back of my CP. Every Saturday night we have a cigar night.
MylifeisNic 05:27 AM 01-30-2014
Im at Shank only a hop a skip and a blackhawk away from Ghazni