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Troops Room>"Carting for a Cause"
Cigar Mike 09:07 AM 12-11-2012

From their site: "In the spring of 2013, members of the U.S. Coast Guard will drive an electrically powered cart across America. The drive will be completed to solicit the public's support and raise awareness to help support the injured service members of the Wounded Warrior Project."

Besides what I've read here, I really don't know anything about this project. This seems to be an interesting (and fun for those involved) way to earn support for the Wounded Warrior Project.
Sardogg 06:37 PM 01-16-2013
Thanks for the shout out Mike!!

We are doing this and we are looking forward to it! We represent the CG Enlisted Association, CWO Association, Officers Association and the Chief Petty Officers Association. This is not a CG sponsored event, as we are doing this on our own time and utilizing our own earned leave to accomplish it. Feel free to check us out!!