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Hammerhead 04:51 PM 07-29-2014
Two questions, if I may.

1) How do you guys season your grills? So far, I've washed down the 'Flavorizer Bars' and grill grates with soapy water, and heated the grill to burn that off, along with whatever I might have missed. Once it was cooled, I swabbed the bars and grates with vegetable oil and it's presently cooking at 450d to burn that off. Any other ideas, or will that about do it?

2) I know the instructions say to burn off the grill after every use, but it seems that's a waste of fuel when you're going to be burning for 10 or 15 minutes to get the grill up to temperature when you next use it which would burn off the previous stuff anway. Is there any real need to burn off after cooking, and if so, why is doing that better than burning off while heating for the next grilling session?