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Mannyboy 11:10 PM 04-30-2019

Iíve been looking for a cigar store Indian for my game room. Iíve been on eBay and other websites and nothing Has caught my eye. I came across this beauty at a local antique shop. I talked the owner down a couple grand but I still donít know If i want to pull the trigger.
icehog3 11:19 PM 04-30-2019
Nice 70" tall ones here or just over a grand....
nutcracker 04:43 AM 05-01-2019
She’s pretty unique. Nice piece. If you have the coin go for it!
Looks like a great piece of history.

They’re hard to find up here due to political sensitivities.
The camaro show 10:02 PM 05-08-2019
Pretty sweet but still alot of coin for that. I’d personally put that kind of coin into something I’d get more out of. Now if you hit the powerball go for it and send some my way lol!
The Poet 01:07 AM 05-09-2019
That is gorgeous, and perhaps a bit too much so. Makes me wonder if it is a reproduction or was heavily restored, which would reduce its intrinsic value. But hey, I don't work for Antiques Roadshow, so what the hell do I know?