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oldforge 10:46 AM 02-27-2019
Here is the CI link:

Most of these are new (CI shows 2/2019) and halfwheel did not show any official announcement by C & A. I believe Small Batch had a few different vitolas (at a higher price and with limited availability) in the past year or two.

I have tried each of the four different wrappers of the CI version.

The Claro is a definite morning smoke--but it has a lot of character as long as it is your first smoke of the day.

The Connecticut is surprisingly good for that wrapper--I smoke very few of the Connecticuts these days but this is definitely worth trying. Unlike most medicocre Connecticuts it had a smooth finish and no grassy taste. It is also stronger than you might expect.

The Habano is the one small vitola--a very strong smoke--after a big meal or you will regret it.

The Maduros--a San Andreas wrapper--another strong smoke--may calm down after some humi time.

These are great prices for the bundles--the construction and burn is excellent on all sticks.

The sizes do not match up with most of the firsts--so these are separate production cigars as far as I can determine.
borndead1 08:14 PM 07-30-2019
Thanks for the info! I've been eyeing these on the devil site for a good bundle to pack away in coolidors as a paranoid preemptive move for when the FDA inevitably starts cracking down on cigars and prices double.
oldforge 10:39 AM 07-31-2019
This has been a bit below the radar, but in the past couple of years four states (Arkansas, Utah, Maine, North Dakota) have banned online sales of cigars.
This trend is likely to get a _lot_ worse.

Stocking up on your favorite NCs now is a _really_ good idea.

Stocking up on your favorite CCs is _always_ a good idea. :-)