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Island (The other ones) Reviews>Padron 3000 maduro
borndead1 09:08 PM 10-26-2018
It has been at least 5 or 6 years since I smoked a Padron thousand series. I have fond memories of Padron (their basic lines were among the first "good" cigars I tried back when I was a noob) so I couldn't resist the ridiculous prices that 5 packs were going for on the Famous auction site. $21! SCORE!

Hmmm...I seem to remember these cigars being built a little better. These are pretty light in the hand and have a bit of a loose draw. They also look like maybe they didn't sit in the molds long enough (a little lumpy toward the foot).

Flavor is still there. All those flavors you look for in a good maduro. Cocoa, coffee, coconut. Decent burn with only a few minor corrections. As I type with the cigar between my teeth, the aroma coming from the foot is heavenly.

Honestly, at these prices, I will probably snap up a few more 5 packs.
hudd 10:13 PM 10-26-2018
The 3000 was my first non gas station cigar. Had the one and ended smoking several boxes since.
4WheelVFR 10:51 PM 10-26-2018
I haven't smoked a thousand series in a while. I've liked the ones I've had, so maybe I need to pick some up.
Porch Dweller 06:31 AM 10-27-2018
One of my favorites.
Weelok 07:07 PM 10-27-2018
The 3000 Maduro will always be one of my go to cigars.
Tio Gato 07:31 PM 10-27-2018
So much better than the natural.:-) Thank you for this post. It reminded me I have two unopend boxes of Padron 1000 series hidding in my cigar storage room that are old enough to drive. I think it's time to crack 'em open.:-)
CigarNut 08:00 AM 10-28-2018
I love the Padron x000 maduros!
RickT 04:57 AM 06-26-2019
I've been smoking these since my Club Stogie days. They're the only maduros I buy anymore. I don't think I've ever had a bad one.