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borndead1 08:58 PM 03-07-2019
The only other Diesel I've ever tried (as far as I remember) is a Connecticut wrap one that came out a while back. I thought they were just OK. But recently I needed a 5 pack or two to make the shipping 'worth it' (I know yooz guys have done the same thing). So I grabbed a fiver of this new Diesel. 6 x 54.

Really nice looking cigar. Nice weight, no lumps, very well-rolled and a perfect draw. The wrapper has a standard tobacco scent. Smoking this one right off the truck.

First few draws...pretty straightforward tobacco flavor up front with a bit of wood and a hint of sweetness on the finish.

About 1" in...similar flavors, but a bit more intense. The smoke is smooth through the nostrils with no harshness. A few burn corrections, to be expected for a ROTT cigar.

About 2" in...the sweetness on the finish has come to the forefront and I can taste it on the draw. The aroma coming from the foot is woodsy. Enjoying this cigar so far.

About halfway...this cigar is tasting really nice. Similar flavors, large smoke volume. The sweetness is very prominent.

A little past halfway...similar flavors, but a little bit of an anise flavor has crept in on the finish. A few more small burn corrections.

Toward the end...dominant flavors are still similar. At about 2", I started to get a little ammonia so I let 'er die.

Final thoughts...definite potential. I'll let the remaining 4 smokes rest for a while and revisit. :-)