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borndead1 08:50 PM 03-04-2019
I bid on a single just out of curiosity. I've tried their budget-friendly Connecticut wrap line and thought they were just OK.

Nice looking cigar, well rolled, perfect draw. Nice floral scent to the flawless wrapper.

First few draws...mild, sweet tobacco with a hint of grass.

About 1" in...straightforward tobacco flavors. Very smooth with zero harshness. Nice aroma. Small burn correction.

About 2" in...still smooth, but not an airball by any stretch. The floral aroma from the wrapper is starting to creep in on the finish. Strong ash that I had to break off. Nice smoke so far.

About halfway...a nice nutty flavor has come in, with the floral flavor still on the finish and in the aroma coming from the foot. Still very smooth, but flavorful. I am enjoying this cigar.

A little past halfway...the flavors have taken a sharp turn toward a 'dark', rich flavor, almost like a maduro. I'm not complaining. Another small burn correction.

Toward the end...the maduro-like flavors continue. The burn is starting to get a bit wonky, but no biggie. I enjoyed this cigar down to about 1".

Final thoughts...this was a great cigar. I was pretty impressed, honestly. It was incredibly smooth. I don't think I've ever used that word so many times in a review. And the price these can be had on C-Bid is ridiculous. I can see myself snagging several boxes of these babies.


A little past halfway...
Porch Dweller 06:38 AM 03-05-2019
Good review. But damnit, I've grabbed boxes of these and the HC Maduro2 on the Devil Site for ridiculously low prices and now that you're getting the word out the bids'll be going up. :-)