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borndead1 08:34 PM 01-13-2019
I have to admit, I don't think the original Undercrown is all that great. But I had to try this maduro version.

It's a beautiful cigar. Really great looking wrapper. Top notch construction, nice weight, easy cut, perfect draw.

First few draws...straightforward tobacco flavor with a hint of floral on the finish.

About 1" in...unsweetened cocoa, floral flavor still present on the finish.

About 2" in...the cocoa has become coconut. The floral flavor on the finish has disappeared. Decent smoke so far. A couple of small burn corrections.

About halfway...similar flavors, with a weird nasty flavor coming in. I'm tapping out.

Final thoughts...the Undercrown maduro is a big thumbs down for me.
icehog3 09:09 AM 01-14-2019
Thanks for the revi…..I mean, warning, Mark :-)
dave 01:24 PM 01-15-2019
I was kind of surprised to see those. The original UC's were pretty clearly fermented and maduro-y. Is the 'maduro version' simply rebranding of the main contrast with the shade version?

Regardless, I agree -- The OR never did much for me (then again there are NO SA wrappers that do much for me, so no real surprise here.) So, if it's even further fermented, it's likely to be even farther from my wheel house, since I've yet to find a darker SA cigar that I enjoy.
I will admit that the shade UC was not bad, however.