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borndead1 08:29 PM 11-28-2018
Serious Cigars had an INSANE deal on these last week. $29.95 for a box of 10. Normal price is $107! I shoulda bought 5 boxes, and I did consider it, but then I remembered that I really didn't like the Herrera Esteli Norteno, so I only grabbed 1 box.

Nice looking wrapper. Some prominent veins but a nice color and nice sheen. Nice sized cigar at 5.75" X 48 RG. Nice weight in the hand. Perfect draw.

First few draws...straightforward tobacco with a bit of grass/hay on the finish.

About 1" in...similar flavors, with a bit more punch. The aroma coming from the foot is a pretty straightforward cigar smell.

About 2" in...settling into a pretty typical full bodied Nicaraguan profile. A bit of bite in the nostrils, that familiar "Nicaraguan spice" on the finish. Near perfect burn, large smoke volume. Side note: I have very rarely smoked a Drew Estate cigar that wasn't perfectly constructed.

About halfway...pretty similar flavor profile, with a woodsy flavor coming in on the finish. Nice smoke so far.

A little past halfway...a bit of a bitterness is creeping in on the finish. I am smoking this cigar ROTT, so I'm curious to see what a few months in the humi will do, but I'm tapping out for now.

Final thoughts...this seems like a cigar that will benefit from a nap in the humidor. But honestly, I'm glad I only bought 1 box. Better than the Norteno, but not as good as the original Herrera Esteli.

borndead1 09:58 PM 12-14-2018
I took a few of these out of the cello and let them sit for a couple of weeks.

All I can say is WOW...a little nekkid nap has really opened the flavors up. I nubbed this one.
Rippy18 04:41 AM 12-16-2018
Wow I just missed out on getting these at a local event. I asked the drew estates rep and he laughed at me saying you should’ve been here hours ago. I said oh sorry some people have to work. I think he felt bad and threw a few in for free... can’t wait to try them!