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Island (The other ones) Reviews>Famous Nic 3000 - still got it...kinda.
borndead1 10:48 PM 04-13-2018
I bought a metric sh1t ton of these (4 bundles IIRC) about 10 years ago, and to my horror I discovered that I am down to just a handful left. So I grabbed a bundle of torps off the Famous auction site last week. I was a bit hesitant because blends and quality change over the years. But ehhh...for 40 bucks, why not?

I just smoked an old one last week and it was fantastic. This one is...good! Not fantastic, but solid. A bit less bite/spice than the older blend, but not bad at all.

Honestly, I probably won't get another bundle.
dave 08:06 AM 04-16-2018
I agree. I've been buying a 2-5 bundles a year for many years. They are good 'fishing cigars'. Blend seems to have softened a little...and the burn isn't quite as consistently sharp as used to was, but reliable cigar, nonetheless.

For me, they are a model fishing cigar; decent flavor, box press (doesn't roll around on boat seat), and most importantly, I can leave one burning mindlessly out the side of my mouth for long periods without it going south - tastewise or burnwise. Had a couple fresh ones this past weekend, in fact; both solid.
Da Klugs 08:29 AM 04-16-2018
Memories. Before he became addicted to party shorts there was a day when Sam had 10 bundles stacked on his desk. A good solid honest smoke.
Tio Gato 12:03 PM 04-16-2018
Rumor at the time when they were awesome was that Oliveros came out with an XL brand.
Another company that makes a line starting with O and has an X took offense.
As a settlement the bands were removed and the cigars liquidated to Famous. I have no idea if that's true or not.

3000's were awesome. When the originals were gone Famous had someone else try to match the blend. Still a decent smoke, but a shadow of the old version.:-)
T.G 12:42 PM 04-16-2018
Jeff, wasn't that the Oliva X? The Oliveros XL is still around, I think.
Tio Gato 01:12 PM 04-16-2018
Yup Adam. My brain is getting old.:-)
T.G 03:29 PM 04-16-2018
I know the feeling, until you mentioned the X and Fuentes debacle, I thought these were the ones that were originally made by Pepin Sr.
dave 09:59 AM 09-27-2018
My opinion on these since April has gone down considerably. I've smoked most of a couple different size bundles this summer and while they don't quite 'suck', I they are nothing like the Nic3K's of years past. No way I could recommend these anymore.
Fig_Nasty 09:55 AM 11-30-2018
I was recently gifted a Nic 5000 and it was a great everyday stick. Burned nice and even with a great taste on the back end. Smoked it down to a nub.

I was actually considering buying a bundle to keep for throw downs, but after reading the thread I'm on the fence now. Recommendations?
dave 11:20 AM 11-30-2018
Never had a Nic 5K. But I've had a few more 3K's since my last post in this thread and I will attest, that I may have new assessment is that they do, indeed, suck
kelmac07 11:41 AM 11-30-2018
I always keep 5K Toros in the vinos...age them a few years and they are FANTASTIC bargain sticks. Always keep a handful of 3Ks as well. Can't beat these for the price.
Fig_Nasty 01:47 PM 11-30-2018
I guess I’ll take your word for it and not waste my time with the 3k’s then ��. I’ll still probably buy a bundle of the 5k and split the difference with one guys from work and see what happens. Either way it comes out to like $3 a stick so I’m not too worried.
dave 02:02 PM 11-30-2018
Never paid more than about 2 bucks per for Nic3K's (Cigar Auctioneer.)

They were a tremendous bargain years ago before they changed.

Looks like 5K's go for around the same prices
Fig_Nasty 04:46 PM 11-30-2018
Thanks for the heads up Dave :-)
Wharf Rat 05:05 PM 11-30-2018
I smoked a lot of those gordos back in the day. I guess CI's Oliva 2nds are the way to go now. The Liga Vs are quite tasty!