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borndead1 08:42 PM 11-29-2018
Been wanting to check these out for a while now. I added a couple of singles to a recent order.

Dark maduro wrapper, shaggy foot. Good draw. The wrapper has a faint floral scent.

First few draws...pretty straightforward tobacco flavor, quite a bit of bite in the nostrils, unsweetened cocoa on the finish. The wrapper is already taking center stage.

About 1" in...similar flavors, with the "strength" kicking up a notch. This cigar ain't no joke. Very full flavored. Small burn correction.

About 2" in...the strength is settling down a little bit. Enough to actually enjoy the flavors of the cigar. Nothing mind blowing, fairly typical maduro flavors. Cocoa, coffee, nutty flavor. Another burn correction.

About halfway...the typical maduro flavors have been overtaken by a nice spice flavor, like some sort of baking spice. Enjoying the cigar so far. The finish is short but pleasant.

A little past halfway...similar flavors. The aroma coming from the foot is straight up CIGAR smell. This aroma is enjoyable to us, of course, but the smell of this cigar would make people (squares) complain.

Toward the end...similar flavors, but a slight liquor flavor on the finish. I let 'er die at around 1.5".

Final thoughts...this was a very enjoyable cigar. But honestly, at $140 or more for a box of 20, there are several maduros I would choose ahead of this one.