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borndead1 07:41 PM 10-30-2018
Browsing the Famous auction site and these grabbed my attention. I normally don't like skinny cigars like this (7 X 33), but for some reason I bit.

Appearance: DARK wrapper. Almost too dark, if you know what I mean. I'll see if my fingers turn brown smoking it. The construction is not too great; the cigar has a very noticeable dip and curve near the foot. The wrapper has a distinct floral aroma.

First few draws...pretty typical maduro flavors; cocoa, a bit of spice, a little coconut on the finish.

About 1" in...pretty similar, with a small uptick in the spice. Medium "strength". Good draw and good smoke volume for such a small RG. Good burn.

About 2" in...coconut on the finish is becoming more present. Another notch up in the "strength"; I'd put it on the full side of medium.

About halfway...similar flavors, but a little bit of anise is coming in on the finish. A pretty nice cigar so far, honestly.

A little past halfway...things take a turn for the worse with a nasty chemical aftertaste on the finish. Pitched it at about 3".

Final thoughts...ehh, showed some promise at first, but I've found that cigars with that weird chemical flavor never get better. Plus, I just don't trust cigars that taste like paint thinner.
Wharf Rat 05:18 PM 10-31-2018
Thanks for taking one for the team!