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borndead1 10:20 AM 10-28-2018
I tried the original Undercrown and wasn't a big fan, but seeing this CT wrap version, I had to try them.

Visually, the cigar is perfect. Flawless wrapper. Perfectly constructed cigar, heavy in the hand, easy cut, perfect draw. I have rarely, if ever, had construction or draw problems with Drew Estate cigars.

First few draws...wood, a teeny bit of spice, teeny bit of grass on the finish.

About 1" in...pretty typical mild CT wrap flavors. Creamy/buttery/nutty.

About 2" in...a toasty sort of flavor has come in, along with a subtle spice in the nose. This cigar is definitely mild, but very flavorful. Diggin' it so far.

About halfway...flavor has swung back to creamy/buttery. Good burn, good smoke volume.

A little past real changes. Pretty typical flavors and aromas for this type of blend.

Toward the end...about the same. Let 'er die at around 1.5".

Final thoughts...pretty typical mild CT blend, but the amazing construction makes this one stand out. I can see myself buying these by the box. :-)
dave 07:19 AM 10-29-2018
Good review! Thank you.
Porch Dweller 09:10 AM 10-29-2018
Good review. I don't smoke many mild cigars but when I do it's usually this one.