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borndead1 11:43 PM 10-13-2018
Apparently, this Espinosa cigar made the Top 25 list on CA a few years ago, so I decided to try them.

Appearance is not nice at all. In fact, the wrapper is kinda ugly. If you were to hand me one of these with no band on it, I would guess it was a $2 bundle cigar. Nice weight to the cigar, good draw. It was difficult to light.

First few draws...woodsy and spicy.

About 1" in...still woodsy and spicy, with a tanginess coming in on the draw and an earthiness coming in on the finish. Mild side of medium "strength".

About 2" in...about the same, with the tanginess increasing. Honestly, this cigar is just OK so far.

About halfway...about the same. Honestly, this cigar is kinda boring. The flavors and aromas aren't BAD, there's just no real depth to it. Again, if you handed me this cigar without a band, I would guess it was a $2 bundle cigar.

A little past halfway...I really cannot believe that this cigar made it on the CA Top 25 list. Erik Espinosa must have spent a lot of money on ads that year.

I let this cigar go out a little past the halfway point.

Final of the biggest 'meh' cigars I've ever smoked.