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borndead1 11:00 PM 06-20-2018
I have really been liking this company over the past year or so. First time trying this particular line.

Nice looking cigar. Not the prettiest wrapper, but perfectly constructed. The bunch in the foot looks perfect. The cigar has a nice weight and a perfect draw. Faint tobacco scent to the wrapper. 5 1/4 X 52 RG.

First few draws...sweet tobacco on the draw, woodsy and leathery in the nose exhale. The aroma coming from the foot is very woodsy.

About 1" in...sweetness still on the draw, wood still present in the nose exhale but the leathery flavor has been replaced by a spice flavor; a flavor I just started referring to as "Nicaraguan spice." It's a unique sort of baking spice flavor. Medium "strength".

About 2" in...the "strength" has subsided a little bit. The spice has also calmed down a bit. The sweetness on the draw has intensified. Really digging this cigar so far, and it is distinctly different from the other Miami lines.

About halfway...the sweetness has subsided, and the woodsy flavor has returned in the nose.

A little past halfway...the cigar has mellowed out a bit more, surprisingly. But the dominant flavors and aromas are the same.

Toward the end...getting a little ammonia, so I'm gonna kill this thing a little early and let the rest of them sleep in the humi for a while.

Final thoughts...this cigar showed potential, but right off the bat I like the other Casa Fernandez Miami lines more.

Weelok 11:50 PM 06-20-2018
Great cigar. I have a toro in my travel bag right now so it’s on deck tomorrow hah.
smokin5 09:18 PM 06-21-2018
I call this one the 'big brother' of the Illusione Rothchilde.
Very similar flavors but a bit ramped up.
A staple in my rotation, for sure.
Pairs very well with a Taylor Fladgate10-year old port.
Or dark rum.
Weelok 01:09 AM 06-22-2018
borndead1 08:02 PM 10-01-2018
Revisiting this one after a few months rest. These have really opened up flavor wise. The dominant flavors and aromas are still similar to my initial review, but a nice nutty flavor has crept in on the finish. The sweetness on the draw is lasting through the entire process (draw, nose exhale, finish). Definitely grabbing some more of these! :-)