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Island (The other ones) Reviews>Padron Damaso No. 8
borndead1 09:55 AM 09-22-2018
A mild cigar from Padron? Sure, I'll try them. Grabbed a 5 pack from the Famous auction site.

5.5 X 46 corona gorda

At a retail price of around $10, I expected a nicer looking wrapper. It's not ugly, but it ain't purty either. Draw is a bit loose, and the cigar feels a bit light in the hand.

First few draws...typical mild CT wrap flavors. Creamy/toasty/buttery. Mild side of medium "strength".

About 1" in...similar flavors, but the cigar has mellowed out a bit. A hint of grass on the finish.

About 2" in...a woodsy flavor has crept in through the nose. Enjoyable cigar so far, but it is burning a bit fast.

About halfway...similar flavors and aromas. Small burn correction.

A little past halfway..."strength" has come back a bit, but flavors and aromas are still similar.

Toward the end...a bit of bitterness is present. I let the cigar die around 1.5".

Final thoughts...the Damaso was a good cigar, but not a great one. At this price point, there are many better options for a mild CT wrap cigar.