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:eevis 08:39 PM 07-20-2009
Can anybody suggest a decent, low cost cutter for me to get. Things are a little tight around here, and I am getting tired of hacking up my cigars with a cheap-o cutter :-) Any input is appreciated.
TripleF 08:44 PM 07-20-2009
Where I work we sell a metal Vector cutter for $9.95. Long as you don't lose it, it's the last one you should ever need....Can't seem to find a picture of it online however....
bigloo 11:27 PM 07-20-2009
I did a review lately and found the $5 craftsman bench model to be really good.
kelmac07 05:56 AM 07-21-2009
I picked up a Cuban Crafters cutter about 5 months ago for like $ 4.99....cuts like a champ (although i prefer my Palio). PM me your addy Lee and I will mail it to you.