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View Poll Results: Which cutter do you recommend?
Xikar 22 24.18%
Palio 61 67.03%
Save your money and keep the $5 cutter you have... 8 8.79%
Voters: 91. You may not vote on this poll
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Accessory Discussion / Reviews>Is there really a difference?
poker 05:44 PM 08-14-2009
According to Wikipedia:

Im just the messenger :-)

Honing: Honing is classified as an abrasive machining manufacturing process. As with all abrasive machining processes, material is cut away from the workpiece using abrasive grains.

Sharpening: Sharpening is the process of creating or refining a sharp edge of appropriate shape on a tool or implement designed for cutting.
captain53 05:46 PM 08-14-2009
I have a xicar and am very dissapointed in it. Dulled very very fast and it pinches me every time I cut with it. While it is under warranty and they will replace it I am not so sure the next one will work any better.
streetglide 07:03 PM 08-14-2009
I bought a palio after I saw a friend lay his cigar on it and it held perfect. No ashtray needed. I was sold. It cuts great too. :-)
dubnick 07:06 PM 08-14-2009
Originally Posted by streetglide:
I bought a palio after I saw a friend lay his cigar on it and it held perfect. No ashtray needed. I was sold. It cuts great too. :-)
Definitely a plus... I use this feature all the time
lightning9191 07:47 PM 08-14-2009
I look at sharpening and honing as two different processes, but sharpening can be used as a blanket term. Sharpening is the removal of metal to produce a sharp edge and honing is the shaping of the edge without the removal of metal. Slapping a razor across leather is honing, but dragging it across a stone is sharpening. I'd be okay with calling both processes sharpening though.:-)
Kreth 07:51 PM 08-14-2009
I picked up a Palio when we herfed at an authorized dealer a few months ago. Probably half the guys in the lounge had them. I keep a cheap cutter in my golf bag so I don't have to worry about losing my Palio on the course.
Skywalker 09:32 PM 08-14-2009
Another vote for Palio!!!

I have a Xicar pocket knife/cigar cutter and cut myself in the first week!!! Could just be I need something fool proof like a Palio!!!
ucla695 09:52 PM 08-14-2009
I've used my Zino double G for years now. I picked up a Palio last fall and I have been neglecting my Zino ever since. The Palio gives a clean cut every time. My Zino, well, not so much. I rarely do straight clips on my parejos, but instead, I score the cap where I would like to cut it and then flip the cap off. Works like a charm every time. I used an old Palio (at least several year old) a couple of weekends ago and it still held up. :-)
NCRadioMan 10:41 PM 08-14-2009
Originally Posted by poker:
If not wanting to spend a lot of money, I agree that the Havana single blade cutter is one of the best out there. Its small, cuts clean, spring loaded, and simply works. I also remember they are a were about a buck or so.


I cant find anyplace that has them anymore except for these guys but its about 5 bucks each unless you buy in quantity:
:-)I've used mine for three years and it still makes a perfect cut! :-)

I use the havana cutter 99% of the time but if I had to choose between Palio and Xikar, I would go with the Palio. Both are great cutters.
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