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Accessory Discussion / Reviews>Anyone used the humi?
N2Advnture 06:52 AM 07-22-2009
Originally Posted by Bubba - NJ:
...And dare I forget Marc's site He's a member here :-)
It's about time some gave me some love :-)

The Treasure Dome is extremely popular and a great humidor!

Thanks again Bubba

N2Advnture 06:54 AM 07-22-2009
Originally Posted by MarkMc:
...I went to Boveda packs about a year ago and won't ever use anything else...
I received this email just yesterday and thought you might be interested (I've never used them, so I can't confirm).

Originally Posted by :
Reinhold [the ECCJ editor],

The Boveda packs started making my cigars taste bitter! I remember that happening the last time I used them a while back..

So I took them out & sent for 3 pucks immediately!

The pucks are simply amazing - I thought I lost all my 100+ cigars to the bitter taste!

Overnight, there was a major change! The cigars I smoked over the last 3 days are great!

The pucks seemed to have solved the problem seems like the ideal solution using distilled water only!

I'm going to spread the word & can't thanks you enough!! For me it may end 3 years of frustration!

Thanks again!
Brian S.
Anyone ever experience this as well?

OLS 07:39 AM 07-22-2009
Originally Posted by wrench turner 85:
:-) I would get a couple of desktop humi just for grap and go sticks. but if your going to age well :-)
This is also my philosophy. A properly maintained and humidifed cooler is your
best storage option, (OK, BEST is pushing it) and a humidor serves to keep cigars facing imminent doom at the perfect smokeability quotient.
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