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Accessory Discussion / Reviews>I'm famous - well, maybe not
markem 07:46 PM 11-16-2016
A long time ago, I had a cabinet made by Bob Staebell, an Mxt. When he completed it he told me that he was taking pictures to put up as one of the customs for that size. Never thought more about it but have never seen the pic either.

Fast forward to today. I am on the site for another reason and he now has pop-up pictures when you mouse over the models on this page:

The first one of the Mxt is mine!

I'll never be able to forget when cigarnut came over and presented me with the 300 count desktop that many people here got together and gifted me either. The desktop exactly matches the cabinet and I think that the birdseye maple if from the same sheet as the cabinet.

Life takes some cool twists at times.

Here are some pics of when the cabinet arrived, oh the many, happy, years ago.
icehog3 08:25 PM 11-16-2016
You're famous in my world, Mr. Mark.
CigarNut 08:54 PM 11-16-2016
Very cool!
Porch Dweller 09:58 PM 11-16-2016
Damn, that's a sweet cabinet!
MarkinOR 10:02 PM 11-16-2016
^^^ I'll second that! Great looking cabinet Mark:-)
AdamJoshua 10:10 PM 11-16-2016
Just make my autograph out to eBay please :-)

that is pretty cool and deservedly so!