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Joey316g 05:59 PM 08-23-2016
What's the story on this thing.. It looks like beads and says its 2 way but with the way you add water, seems like it's gel. Anyone use this thing?
AdamJoshua 06:48 PM 08-23-2016
From a site selling it, I don't see anything original or inventive about it. Seems like those beads in a rectangular cage, anyone seeing something I'm not?


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An original and inventive humidification system.

One of the most innovative humidification solutions to come across our desks, the Zederkoff Rectangular Humidification System will keep your collection of premium cigars in perfect condition. The 2-way humidification system uses specially formulated beads to keep your humidor at the ideal 70% relative humidity. Equipped with a convenient fill tray, charging and recharging this humidifier is as easy as one, two three. Simply fill the tray to the fill line with distilled water or a propylene glycol solution, place the humidifier face down in the fill tray, and remove once saturated. It couldn’t be any easier to use and this system will keep between 50-150 premium handmades in the ideal environment. Pick up the truly ingenious Zederkoff Rectangular Humidification System and remove all doubt that your cigar collection is safe and sound.
I think this is a telling review (one of the two there). Why this person gave it 5 stars after leaving that review is beyond me. Personally that 62/63 area is a perfect humidity is perfect.

Originally Posted by :
Undecided on this humidifier yet. Was having problems with humidity not getting past 63/64 with florist foam in a 100 ct. humidor w/40 or so sticks. So i change out the hygrometer and humidifier to the Zederkoff. Next day, BAM! straight to 73. WooHoo. Two days later, 80 with wet sticks. Upset too, some of my favorites (Romeo Media Noches and La Gloria serie Rs). Pulled out the humidifier to allow reduction and installed Humicare packs supplied with shipping my smokes and levels have stabilized. A little apprehensive to reinstall the Zederkoff and subject my collection to that again, but may try it in an old humidor to see what happens.
Also never seen sticks get wet in 2 days, short of submerging them in water.