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GrouchoM 09:53 PM 03-06-2016
I don't have one of those fancy torches so many of you have. Just a Ronson Jetlite, but scored this in my local grocer today. A small can of Zippo Premium Butane fuel, but for a nube...scratching the itch.

I normally have the guys at my former B&M give me courtesy refills on butane, but will checking out of line in my local grocer and I noticed this little gem and priced just right ($2.25 tax included) . Only bottle left (1.48 oz), but a good simple addition to my growing stockpile of cigar accessories. Will hold in reserve on those time I don't want to make the 17 minute drive.

Hey, I'm a newb. Small steps, small victories...also I'm cheap.
G G 06:58 AM 03-07-2016
The Poet 07:29 AM 03-07-2016
It's a gas!
Chainsaw13 08:06 AM 03-07-2016
No fancy lighters here. I think my most expensive one was less than $10. It's all about the fuel you put into it. I used to fill with Lava fuel, but can't find it locally anymore. Forget what brand I"m using now.
AdamJoshua 08:16 AM 03-07-2016
A lot of people grab the Jetlites at Walmart I believe they have them at the checkout stands for impulse buying, a few bucks each and a great lighter, nothing wrong with those. I think most of my lighters are $2 chinese knockoffs :-)
GrouchoM 12:17 AM 03-10-2016
While out trolling for cuvry redheads, but what did I spy with my little eye, but a cache of Zippo premium butane refill canisters selling for $1.39. Hotcha Mamma, it's true what that say "that you create your own luck!" These canisters were prices .80 less than the single can I bought a few days back ($2.19). I purchased one can and will be taking my previous purchase back. What can I say, I'm a value shopper. Hell, I remember returning a blonde for a brunette when she order a more expensive appetizer once, best decision I ever made.

P.S. The wording on the can read "Really? Your cheap SOB!" I paused and looked around for Alan Funt or Ashton Kutcher. Nothing. So, I threw it in the basket.
Brlesq 05:08 PM 03-10-2016
Deja vu again!
05venturer 06:31 PM 03-10-2016
Am I entering another dimension?