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Accessory Discussion / Reviews>I found a problem with Stinky!
Stinky 08:53 PM 04-18-2009
Oh... you must have the "SELF CLEANING" model!!!

This ain't the first time I've heard of this... I can't wait to experience this myself. Just set it where the sun will hit it and the curvature of the bowl will do the rest...

Nice story... send photos!


PS That Group Buy thread is still active... because my webmaster is asleep at the wheel. Glad to hear from you guys! :-)
TOB9595 09:37 PM 04-18-2009
Hi Stinky :-)

I used the group buy to get my four stirrup table model.
It's now the ONLY ashtray I use.

Other, quite nice, CAO...Nat S....Cohiba...
They just gather dust.

Now a prelight model too!!!

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