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squirrel 09:46 PM 07-13-2009
Hey all, First want to say thanks for a great site. Am a newbie, and am having a few problems w/ my new humidor.

I received a 125ct humidor as a gift leaving afghanistan. Brand new, brought it home, and have wiped it down twice w/ the 50/ 50 solution from the local cigar store. It is still sitting at 100% humidity. When I wiped it down, saturated the wood (not soaking, but could see it was wet)...let it sit for 24 hours. Then repeated the exact same steps. Still days later 100% humidity. Have replaced the generic filter w/ humi-disc (2 of them) keeping them wet.

Anything will help please...Have excellent selection of cigars just sitting, will that hurt. Anyone in Va Beach, let me know will share, haha....

This all leads to my last thanks to all who supported the HERF out of bagram afghanistan. Led by snkbte (correct my spelling, his card is still in a box on the way back.) Snkbte, if you see this hit me up...still owe you that coin.
To all vendors, cigar shops, supporters, soldiers, sailors....Thank you...

Missed the last few weekends cause I was out so much. But Snkbte, put on a good show....comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.

Thanks guys, glad to be part of this forum. cb "squirrel out"
kelmac07 09:49 PM 07-13-2009
Squirrel...Mac from Newport News here. I was instructed not to soak mine when ir eceived it (matter of opinion). I took a small bowl/cup of distilled water and placed it in the humidor for seven to ten days. Have you salt tested your hygrometer? For the sticks you have sitting...put them in a tupperwear container with a water pillow for the duration and they will be fine. Welcome to the MADHOUSE!!
blooz4u 09:50 PM 07-13-2009
Welcome to the site. Very strange that your humi would be at 100%. You should either calibrate your hygrometer or buy a digital one, and calibrate it as well. All you need is a glass sealable kitchen cannister, and a boveda pack.
bigloo 09:51 PM 07-13-2009
Firstly, welcome, you should go introduce yourself in the new inmates section.

Now onto you problems. First, get yourself a good digital hygrometer and salt test/calibrate it. Without this 100% is meaningless.Next, you wiped the humidor down with 50/50? You should not have done this. At most you should have lightly rubbed the sides with a damp cloth with ONLY distilled water. Never let 50/50 hit the wood. If you are at 100%, your wood is super saturated, adding humidity discs is going in the wrong direction. I would suggest you rewipe the wood with just distilled water to remove as much of the 50/50 and let the box sit open for a few days to dry out. Then, when this happens, put a little bowl of distilled water in the bottom and close it for a day, check the humidity, and repeat each day until you get to 60-70%. Then you are seasoned and ready to go.
squirrel 10:05 PM 07-13-2009
Let me say thanks real quick for all the replies....Now have to get busy on this thing.

Mac, whats up...Newport News, let me know if ya'll get anything going this way.

As for the inmate section, am on that....wiping this thing down w/ distilled water and will get on that....

thanks again all....cb "squirrel"
pnoon 10:15 PM 07-13-2009
First and foremost, thank you for your service. :-)
cady97dev 08:37 AM 07-14-2009
Thanks for your service squirrel!!!!!! Service men and women are the Best!!!!!!!