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jerseystepup 07:39 PM 07-13-2009
Im upgrading to a tower humidor, and at the same time its my gf's fathers bday in a few week.. so we're all chipping in to get one for him as well... I know you get what you pay for.. but since were buying 2 its already not cheap already.. so we're looking at the "tower of power" style of humidor.. my question is does anyone know of any humidor sites out there that have Free shipping? most of these sites want well over $100 to ship, but i know ive seen a few with free shipping... thanks!
bigloo 09:31 PM 07-13-2009
For something like this I have not seen free shipping. has it for like $200 cheaper the CI for what it is worth.
zmancbr 09:35 PM 07-13-2009
I have that humidor and it is pretty sweet....I would say keep an eye on CBID for one. Typically you can win one like it or similar for 200+ less than what CI or other sites sell it for...but the shipping is pretty much $200 no matter where you buy it. :-)