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jerseystepup 04:01 PM 07-09-2009
OK heres the deal... i have a cooler which i store all my boxes in, CC and NC.. than 2 desktops... One for CC and one for NC, both desktops are my "ready to smoke" sticks.. meaning ill take a few out of the cooler, put them in the desktop for a few weeks, than smoke..

both desktops and the cooler stay at 70 degrees and 65%... but the cigars out of the cooler ALL have that ammonia taste.. its really bothering me.. how can i fix this?? i can smoke a cigar from the desktop and 1 from the cooler back to back, both same brand, from the same box and the one from the cooler is no where near as good... and yea i have an oust fan in the cooler so circulation isnt an issue.. any ideas besides get a vino? lol
hotreds 04:11 PM 07-09-2009
Open the cooler everyday and keep it open for a minute or so to let that gas escape. Only thing I can think of is the gas being trapped in there.
AD720 05:07 PM 07-09-2009
It could also come from painted or lacquered boxes being the cooler. I only use un-painted, natural wood boxes for cooler storage.
OLS 08:37 PM 07-11-2009
What is the source of your "passive" moisture? beads, foam, bowl?
Bubba - NJ 08:48 PM 07-11-2009
Did you wash out the cooler with bleach and a good detergent ? And then let is sit open outside to rid the plastic smell that they all have . I also added a bunch of Spanish Cedar inside my coolers to make it more like a cabinet . Just trying to help with some suggestions . Alot of people say you don't need to put cedar in your cooler , I think you do . Why are cigar humidors and cabinets lined with Spanish cedar then ? :-)
shilala 09:42 PM 07-11-2009
My beads suck up ammonia and trap it. That's what they're for, actually.
The fact that they can be conditioned to contol humidity is a bonus.

I use jars and beads for new cigars, or I take my cigars out of their cello's and place them in bead conditioned humis.
The stink comes out fast and I can smoke sick sticks a lot faster. :-)