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Accessory Discussion / Reviews>Review: AutoPure casr air purifier
MajorCaptSilly 07:34 PM 07-11-2009
I did some searching a few months ago for an ozone air purifier for my car. I found the AutoPure and it was quite a bit less expensive than the others I saw so I gave it a try. I have this plugged in constantly and keep it in the back seat area. It keeps the car smelling fresh all the time. When smoking a cigar, I move it to the front seat and it helps keep the odors in check. I also keep it running for an hour or so after I smoke a cigar in the car and it nearly removes all the smell. By the next day, I can't tell I smoked a cigar at all. I just checked my link and noticed they raised the price by $10.00. I think even at $40.00 (or $70.00 for 2) these are a great value and really do the job.

Emjaysmash 08:01 PM 07-11-2009
Sweet! Thanks for the Review!