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ahc4353 11:48 AM 06-28-2009
Made this little guy this morning with an old QdO box for my end table humi. 3000 RPM and 100CFM. Think it's big enough? :-)

dunng 11:50 AM 06-28-2009
Any more pics? How did you attach it to the box and how are you powering it? :-)
ahc4353 11:58 AM 06-28-2009
How it's attached in the box is kinda ugly. I did learn a lot buy doing this one. If I ever did it again it would look much nicer on the inside. I wired a regular lamp cord to it and used the outlet on the inside of the humi. I am going to make that outlet "split" so one of the outlets is always "on" and put a switch on the other outside the himi mounted on the back to turn the fan off if I ever want to.
Barteur 12:24 PM 06-28-2009
Great looking, can you keep the door closed with all that wind:-)
I finally had mine held with Velcros, since the Hydra fans are quite small (I think 1-3/4'' by 1-3/4'') and light they hold pretty good. I was even able to have one hold over the drawer. Since then no Humidity variance in the entire cabinet.:-)

Tought I let you know since we post about this in another thread couple of day ago and that we have the same cabinet.